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  •  Mary Bazargan, a native of Iran, brought to the United States a devotion and energy to do to work for her community and  for the world.

  • Her experience with Iran Air, and international marketing director of  an American/Iranian trading company; as well her love of meeting people from all over the world; led her to the decision that once she began work in the United States, she would open a travel agency  

  • Mary is shown at her desk in 1979 when  she opened Majestic Travel Inc. in Rockville, Maryland.

  • On the twentieth anniversary of her successful travel agency, She received the following letter from Congresswoman Connie Morella of the Eighth District of Maryland.

  • Mary is President of Majestic Travel, Inc., a full service travel agency.  She serves as a consolidator, wholesaler and retailer and specializes in making transportation and ground arrangement for international travelers. 

  • Her clients, which include individuals, private groups, businesses and corporations, put their trust in her integrity and vast knowledge of the international travel industry 

  • Since her immigration from Iran in 1979, Mary has lived and worked in Montgomery County, Maryland.  She has contributed a great deal to the people of her community and to the world during the past 27 years. 

    • She was nominated by the U.S. House of Representatives to be the Maryland State Delegate to the White House Conference on Travel and Tourism

    • As a member of  Zonta International, Mary served on the Board of Directors for the Zonta Club of Montgomery County, and worked on International Committees including the United Nations NGO Committee on the Status of Women

    • She served as a member of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.

    • She was an active member of the Rockville Chamber of Commerce in the State of Maryland.

    • She established Senior Activities, Inc., a non-profit organization in August 2001, which is dedicated to developing cultural, educational and training programs for Iranian/American population.

    • In addition to her many community activities, Mary is a proud mother and a valued family member. 

    • Mary is also a proud Iranian/American, who is an American citizen. 

    • Please browse through the following pages to get a feeling for Mary Bazargan's unflagging energy, sense of purpose and love of her family and community.  

Contact Mary by telephone at:

  Majestic Travel
1010 Rockville Pike
Suite 302
Rockville, MD 20852
  Home 301-309-0198  

    or by email at

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